is a remote village in the barren centre of South Africa, an "intentional community" where only white Afrikaans
people live - a culturally homogeneous place in a multicultural country. What lies beneath this peculiar societal experiment?
A feature-length documentary about cultural identity and the thin line between self-determination and discrimination.

Germany 2012 | Documentary | colour | HD | 94:00 min | Produced by Tobias Lindner and Sascha Supastrapong in Coproduction with the Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin | Distributed by Kinostar Filmverleih (Germany)

Awarded Best Film (5. ETNOFilm Festival)
Awarded Best feature-length Documentary
(Dreamland Film Festival)
Awarded Best Documentary Feature Film (2. Jozi Film Festival)
Nominated for Best Documentary (20th Raindance Film Festival)
Nominated for Best Documentary (achtung berlin - new film award)
Nominated for Jury Prize
(this human world Film Festival)
Special Mention (Durban International Film Festival 2013)
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